When we say about us — we mean about you too.

You’re like us — you want the best for everyone, but you recognize that they best life is one where you get to make your own decisions. We can’t understand why politicians are asking us to be angry with our neighbors. We can’t understand why some people believe other people’s choices should be taken away from them.

And we refuse to try to impose our morality on anyone else.

So who are we? We are the people from every philosophy, political party, religion and persuasion who agree that “Live and Let Live” is the natural human mantra. While we have (sometimes strong) opinions about what are smart life decisions, we would never force anyone to live the same way we do.

That’s it! We don’t want to force anyone to do anything that they don’t want to. That’s all there is to put in the “About Us” section.

As for the people behind the movement, there’s just two of us right now — Dan Fishman and Tyler Harris. We used to work together to try to encourage people to be free. Now we’re working together to try to convince other other people to let everyone else live the lives they chose.

We want everyone to let everyone else live.