On that fateful September morning in 2001, the world watched in horror as terror struck the heart of America. The purpose was clear: the perpetrators aimed to extinguish the flame of liberty. Permissiveness, and tolerance had become emblematic of the American spirit, and the example was seen by people everywhere, who started to demand more freedoms from the governments they lived under, that allowed them less freedom. But now, 23 years later, tyrants don’t fear that just the example of a free, tolerant and kind America will make their subjects yearn for freedom. America is no longer seen as a guiding light of tolerance. Was the end goal of the September 11th attacks achieved by the political factions inside the United States?

Much like Dan’s earlier reflection on 9/11 and his personal commitment to championing tolerance and individual freedom, today’s America faces a new internal challenge. The very ideals that terrorists sought to destroy almost two decades ago are now under siege, not from external enemies, but from internal factions that seem determined to undo the tapestry of tolerance that binds us.

Permissiveness isn’t about reckless abandon, but rather the freedom to be oneself without fear of retribution. Tolerance isn’t a sign of weakness but an indication of strength in diversity. These principles, that once made America a beacon of hope for many, are now at risk of being overshadowed by voices advocating for division, control, and conformity.

As advocates of Let.Live’s guiding tenets, we recognize the invaluable role these principles play in crafting a society that is not just functional but thriving. The sad irony is that the bright light of American liberty, which once made tyrants across the world scurry like cockroaches, might be dimmed by our very own actions.

It’s crucial to remember that suppression, in any form, goes against the ideals upon which America was built. The seeds of innovation, creativity, and progress germinate in soils rich with freedom and tolerance. By restraining these values, we not only do a disservice to ourselves but also diminish our global influence and appeal.

In essence, if we allow the internal suppression of our core values, there might be no need for external forces to target us. Why? Because the essence of what they aimed to destroy would already be lost. The beacon of freedom, hope, and tolerance would be dimmed, and the legacy of the land of the free would be but a distant memory.

The September 11th terrorists struck the twin towers, but our new domestic terrorists — those who want us to return to a society in which moral behavior is legislated —

So, as we reflect on the events of 9/11, both the one from 2001 and the challenges of today, let’s renew our commitment to the ideals of Let.Live. Let’s ensure that the beacon continues to shine brightly, signaling to the world that liberty, tolerance, and consent aren’t just words but a way of life. And in doing so, let us stand united against any force, internal or external, that seeks to undermine these values.



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