As we approach the close of Black History Month, it's a poignant time for reflection—not just on the achievements and struggles of African Americans but on the enduring significance of why we dedicate this month to such a vital part of our collective history.
Welcoming the Lunar New Year: A Time for Renewal and Unity As the vibrant festivities of the Lunar New Year unfold, we at Let.Live extend our warmest wishes to everyone celebrating this auspicious occasion around the globe. Marking the beginning of the lunar calendar, the Lunar […]
Celebrating Black History Month: Frederick Douglass and the Principles of Let.Live February marks Black History Month, a time dedicated to honoring the significant contributions, achievements, and history of African Americans. It is a period of reflection, education, and celebration of the resilience and cultural heritage that […]
Due Process is often under threat, sometimes subtly, under the guise of addressing emergencies or safeguarding the public.
Laws require law enFORCEment which injects FORCE into our society. Making laws to get your way injects violence into the system.
AI gets more capable daily. We must ensure that it remains truer to nobler principles than HI.
Welcoming a New Year at Let.Live: A Time for Reflection, Renewal, and Action As the final days of the year draw to a close, we at Let.Live find ourselves in a reflective state, looking back on the year gone by and envisioning the path ahead. The […]
Navigating the TikTok Ban Proposition: Upholding Let.Live’s Principles of Freedom and Innovation The recent government proposition to ban TikTok has sparked a significant conversation about the delicate balance between national security and individual liberties. At Let.Live, we firmly believe in the principles of freedom, innovation, and […]
The term “GSM,” which stands for Gender and Sexual Minorities, is considered by some as a more inclusive and efficient alternative to the expanding acronym LGBTQI+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, and more). Here are a few reasons why GSM might be seen as a […]