Challenging the 2024 Presidential Candidates to the “Regular Person Olympics”

As the 2024 Presidential race heats up with prominent figures like Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Chase Oliver, and Bobby Kennedy vying for the nation’s highest office, there’s a growing conversation about the disconnect between political leaders and the everyday experiences of the American people. To bridge this gap, we propose a novel idea. Because 2024 is also an Olympic year, let’s hold: the “Regular Person Olympics.” This challenge is designed to bring the candidates out of their political bubbles and into the real world challenges faced by everyday citizens.

The Events of the “Regular Person Olympics”

The “Regular Person Olympics” consists of four relatable tasks that most Americans have tackled at some point in their lives. These tasks are designed to showcase practical skills, problem-solving, and empathy—traits essential for anyone aiming to lead a country.

  1. Change a Flat Tire on a Ford Explorer: This event tests the candidates’ ability to handle unexpected setbacks with grace and efficiency. It’s a skill that requires patience, physical effort, and technical know-how.
  2. Drive to a Grocery Store: Navigating traffic, following laws, and dealing with the stresses of the road will show voters how candidates handle everyday stress and responsibilities.
  3. Grocery Shopping for a Dinner for Four on a budget of $25: This task tests budgeting skills, nutritional knowledge, and planning abilities. Candidates must shop wisely to prepare a balanced, enjoyable meal without aides or advisors.
  4. Cook and Serve the Dinner: Cooking is a universal way to connect and share with others. This event will demonstrate the candidates’ ability to not only cook but also host and care for others, providing a warm, welcoming environment.

Why This Challenge Matters

Politics often elevates individuals to a status where they seem out of touch with the day-to-day lives of the people they serve. The “Regular Person Olympics” strips back the veneer of office and campaign trails, placing candidates in the midst of ordinary tasks that require real-world skills. It’s a way to make them relatable, showing voters that they understand and appreciate the small, everyday challenges that people face.

Additional Event Ideas

To further this connection with everyday life, we could add a few more events:

  • Public Transit Navigation: Candidates use only public transport to get from point A to point B within a city, showcasing their understanding of public infrastructure and empathy for daily commuters.
  • Set Up a Home Wi-Fi Network: In our digital age, setting up and troubleshooting a home internet connection is a common challenge, testing candidates’ tech-savviness and problem-solving skills.

Conclusion: A Call for Authenticity and Empathy

The “Regular Person Olympics” is more than just a test of practical skills—it’s a call for authenticity, empathy, and a genuine connection with the electorate. By participating, candidates can demonstrate that they not only lead with policies but also with a deep understanding of and respect for the mundane yet challenging aspects of everyday life.

We invite Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Chase Oliver, and Bobby Kennedy to accept this challenge and show the American people not just what they stand for, but that they truly understand the lives of those they wish to serve.


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