The first Friday in February means it’s “National Wear Red Day.” On this day people wear the color red in order to raise and spread awareness to help eradicate heart disease and stroke in millions of women all over the nation. Cardiovascular disease causes 1 in 3 deaths in women every year.

Medical issues are also a good time to talk about tolerance. We live in an age of medical miracles, and chances are pretty good you or someone you know has already experienced one. But imagine if that person had been too embarrassed to seek the help that saved their life?

A culture of tolerance allows people to seek medical treatment without fear by promoting acceptance and understanding of differences in beliefs, practices, and lifestyles. When individuals are not judged or discriminated against for their choices, they are more likely to feel comfortable seeking medical help without the fear of being rejected or mistreated. This creates a supportive environment where everyone can access the health care they need, regardless of their background or circumstances. In such a culture, individuals are empowered to make informed decisions about their health and receive the treatment they require without fear of stigma or discrimination.

So please, wear red today and call awareness to the problems of heart disease and stroke, but if you’ve got one more thing to give, maybe affirm somewhere that you think everyone deserves to live the life they want free of judgement.



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