We see the seasons change every 3 months, regardless of whether we approve or not. Yet sometimes we can be resistant to other people trying to change.

The power of change refers to the ability to alter or transform something, whether it be an individual, a group, an organization, or even society as a whole. Change can bring about new opportunities, growth, and progress, and can also help to overcome challenges and obstacles. Change can be difficult, but it is often necessary in order to adapt to new circumstances and to improve one’s life or the lives of others. Ultimately, the power of change is the ability to make a positive impact and to create a better future.

When people want to change their lives, whether it’s through weight loss, education, or moving to a new place, they are trying to make their lives better without hurting anyone else. Sometimes people chose to change their lives in a way that we might think is a mistake. We can offer advice, but it’s important to remember that all change feels uncomfortable to someone who is used to the way things were.

We can no more stop people from changing their lives than we can stop the changing of the seasons. The Live and Let Live philosophy is to accept that when people try to change their lives they are living fully, and applaud.



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