The Power to Let.Live: A Call for Blood Donations

Life is precious, and in our journey through it, we often realize the incredible power of human connection and compassion. The ethos of Let.Live revolves around the belief that every individual deserves the freedom and opportunity to lead a fulfilling life. In today’s world, this principle resonates deeper than ever, and it’s urging us to answer a pressing call.

Recently, the American Red Cross declared a national blood shortage, stating that its blood supply has declined nearly 25% since early August. This shortage equates to a deficit of around 30,000 blood and platelet donations. Various factors have contributed to this crisis – from climatic disasters affecting the accessibility of donation centers to changes in work patterns post-pandemic. With more people working from home, traditional venues for blood drives, like offices and schools, have seen a significant reduction in donation activities.

Blood is not just a fluid; it’s life. It represents our shared humanity and the essence of Let.Live – the idea that each one of us has the power to impact and better someone else’s life. We cannot underscore enough the importance of blood donations. It’s a silent but profound testament to the interdependence of humans.

And giving blood is the best possible example of what the liberty movement stands for. It’s the ultimate in mutual aid and volunteerism.

While only about two to four percent of the nation’s population donates blood annually, nearly 62% of Americans are eligible to donate. This disparity underscores a massive potential for us to step up and make a difference. And the need is immediate, especially for type O blood and platelets. We urge everyone, especially those who resonate with the values of Let.Live, to consider donating blood. Not only does it uphold the principles of compassion and freedom inherent in our philosophy, but it’s also a concrete step in saving lives and allowing others to truly live.

What’s more? If you come forward to donate blood between September 1-18, the Red Cross has a special gift for you – a unique Red Cross T-shirt (while supplies last) and a free haircut coupon courtesy of Sport Clips Haircuts. It’s a small token of appreciation for a monumental act of kindness.

To find out where you can donate blood, please visit the American Red Cross’s website. Let’s remember that every drop counts and, more importantly, has the power to Let.Live.

When we practice tolerance and compassion, we not only uplift others but also fortify the freedoms and values that we hold dear. Now, more than ever, it’s time to come together, not just in spirit, but in action, and live the principles we talk about.

PLEASE SHARE THIS WIDELY! We need everyone who can to donate blood. And maybe you wear a shirt advocating for liberty while you do so?


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