Visibility, Prejudice, and Freedom: An Examination of LGBT and Open Carry Rights

There is a palpable connection between two seemingly disparate issues in our society today: LGBT visibility and open carry rights. These two issues, often considered as strictly belonging to the realms of social and constitutional freedoms respectively, bear a shared undercurrent. They are both ultimately concerned with personal identity, the freedom of expression, and the battles against prejudicial attitudes. Although one might not immediately associate a man in drag with a man openly carrying a firearm, there is an intersection here that warrants exploration.

##Unveiling Prejudice

At first glance, it might seem irrational to correlate these two subjects. What does LGBT visibility have in common with open carry rights? The answer is found in the realm of human perception and the prejudices that oftentimes accompany it. It is an unfortunate reality that we, as humans, often jump to conclusions based on our initial impressions. We can feel threatened by the unfamiliar or the visually striking, be it a person presenting themselves in gender non-conforming attire, or someone exercising their right to openly carry a firearm.

In both scenarios, there is an immediate visibility that sometimes elicits an irrational fear or discomfort. This fear, however, is rooted in ignorance, misunderstanding, or misinformation rather than any objective threat. It is important to recognize this bias for what it is: a form of bigotry, a premature judgment of a person’s character based solely on their appearance.

##The Imperative of Visibility

For the LGBT community, visibility is not just about personal expression; it’s a political act, a claim to space, and a challenge to societal norms. Drag, for instance, has been a powerful tool of resistance, liberation, and identity exploration. It disrupts conventional understandings of gender and challenges the societal norms that oppress those who defy gender expectations.

Likewise, the act of openly carrying a firearm is a political statement for many. It is an exercise of a constitutional right and a symbol of personal freedom and security. Just as LGBT visibility is about asserting the right to express one’s identity without fear, open carry rights are about asserting the freedom to protect oneself and express one’s belief in individual liberties.

##The Power of Empathy and Understanding

So, how do we combat this prejudgment and irrational fear? One approach is through fostering empathy and understanding. This is where the shared narrative of visibility between LGBT rights and open carry rights becomes crucial.

Both communities, despite their differences, are asserting their rights, challenging societal norms, and confronting prejudice. There is a shared struggle for acceptance and understanding. And in recognizing this shared struggle, we can start to breakdown stereotypes and challenge our own prejudices.

It is essential to facilitate dialogue and education around these topics, promoting an understanding that diversity in appearance and lifestyle does not equate to a threat. Encouraging this kind of critical thinking can help dismantle biases and contribute to a more accepting society.


Prejudice is often born out of fear, and fear thrives in ignorance. But when we stop to question why we feel threatened, when we confront our preconceived notions and make an effort to understand, we start to eradicate that fear.

A man in drag is just a person expressing their identity. A man carrying a gun is just a citizen exercising their rights. Both deserve to live without fear of discrimination or judgment, for it is not our place to prejudge someone based on their appearance.

This is the challenge we face: to replace our irrational fears with understanding and acceptance, to celebrate diversity instead of shying away from it, and to recognize that freedom of expression, in all its forms, is an integral part of our society. Only then can we fully embrace the richness of human experience and live in a society that truly values individual


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