Ladies and gentlemen, let me regale you with the audacious tale of my newfound calling: leading the charge of the “Anti-Anti Movement”. Now, before you scratch your heads and wonder if I’ve had a tad too much coffee (I have), allow me to explain.

Throughout history, humankind has stood “against” many things. We’ve had movements against sugar, against pop music, against socks with sandals, and – hold onto your berets – even against quiche! Yes, you heard right. There was a time when a shadowy underground group spread the slogan: “real men don’t eat quiche.” What were they thinking? First off, quiches are little pies of deliciousness, often crammed with – wait for it – BACON. Going against bacon is like saying you’re against happiness and sunshine. It’s madness!

Then we have the behemoth word, antidisestablishmentarianism. Try saying that thrice in rapid succession. Or better yet, don’t. But did you notice? Even that word begins with “anti.” Is this some cryptic message from the dictionary gods? Or maybe it’s just a testament to humanity’s obsession with being against things.

Some folks just wake up and think, “What can I be against today?” They’re not content until they’ve rallied against something. There’s an oddly satisfying ring to saying, “I am anti-[fill in the blank]”. But, let’s flip the script a moment. What if, instead of always being “anti,” we started more “pro” movements? Movements that are for something, creating, building, enhancing? Now that’s a philosophy I could put my name behind.

Being “anti” is often about denying people the liberty to engage in something. And, quite frankly, that’s not in line with the principles of We stand for promoting Consent Culture, Tolerance, and Embracing Change. It’s all about letting others… well, live.

So, in this era of endless “antis”, I hereby declare myself the proud father of the Anti-Anti Movement. And if you’re wondering about the family tree of this newly minted movement, here’s a knee-slapper to leave you with: If I’m the father of the anti-anti movement, does that make my sister the Auntie of the anti-anti?

Remember folks, let’s be less about the rage and more about the embrace. Quiche for everyone!



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